The New Partnership for Gillette and hockey Ovechkin
 Today the brand Gillette announces the signing of a new contract with the star of Russian and world hockey Alexander Ovechkin, thus continuing the successful cooperation, which began in 2010. The athlete will act as an international ambassador of Gillette, the world leader in the field of shaving and grooming for men.

Gillette advertising campaign featuring Alexander Ovechkin in the previous partnership was a great success, and the resumption of cooperation was a logical continuation of this partnership. Confident of victory, striving for success and masculinity accurately reflect the nature of the Alexander brand and its outstanding sports achievements prove that those who took a successful start, nothing is impossible. Gillette is hoping for brilliant victories and joint projects in the next sports season since 2013 and believes that Alexander Ovechkin subject to any height.

Alexander Ovechkin: "For me, working with Gillette in the past two years - is a great honor, and I look forward to continuing this collaboration in order to prove once again that in life nothing is impossible. I close the philosophy of Gillette - a successful start each morning and convincing victory. Cooperation with Gillette for me - this is primarily an opportunity to show by example every boy, that nothing is impossible, and to help them grow real men - strong and courageous. "

Alain Strygina, brand manager for Gillette: "We really like the Alexander looks incredible success and what he achieves in his career. Without a doubt, our opinion is shared by many. Alexander - a great example to follow, and we are honored to continue working with him. He personifies the core values ​​of Gillette - leadership, will to win and incredible dedication. "

 The New Partnership for Gillette and hockey Ovechkin

The advertising campaign featuring Alexander Ovechkin starts in January 2013   in Russia, with the support of the new collection Gillette Fusion ProGlide   and Gillette Fusion Styler . The campaign includes television commercials, advertisements in the press, the Internet, and points of sale. It is also planned to continue a number of social projects to support youth sport.

Author: Anna Shustrova