Vodka with orange juice good for the skin?
 Approaching a series of events, and thus abundant feast, not without booze. Alcohol, as we all know, is harmful not only for health but also for the skin. He deprives her of antioxidants, triggering the mechanism of destruction.

By the way, the level of antioxidants in the skin may be reduced in just 8 minutes, as a significant loss of antioxidants going through 70 minutes of harmful effects of alcohol on the skin. These figures were published in

But the effects of alcohol were markedly reduced if people drank alcoholic drink with orange juice. The study involved six volunteers. By the way, the food is rich in antioxidants, did not give such a protective effect.

For those who are going to celebrate New Year's holidays in warmer climes, the news is doubly important. The fact that the alcohol makes the skin more sensitive to the damaging rays of the sun. And the addition of orange juice in the drink to rectify the situation as the scientists.

Author: Julia Gnedina