The subtle art of caring for a smile, dental floss Glister
 Amway Company presents a new line of its popular tools for oral care - dental floss Glister. This monofilament floss gently cleanses the interdental spaces and does not damage the gums.

A beautiful smile gives us confidence and makes it attractive to others is the key to a successful personal and professional communication. But do not forget that beautiful smile - is, above all, healthy smile, so an important factor in maintaining it is the right and regular oral care.

The line of oral care Glister   the company Amway   It offers everything necessary to preserve the beauty of a smile multifunction toothpaste, toothbrushes for adults and children, spray freshener oral and concentrated mouthwash.

Scientifically developed formula Glister prevents such basic problems of the oral cavity, tooth decay and plaque. Furthermore, the multifunction toothpaste Glister received a certificate of assignment of "Seal of Approval" Dental Association. "Seal of Approval" StAR confirms that toothpaste Glister meets all the requirements, as well as the declared high rates of quality and efficiency, it is safe for health and the environment. The presence of this sign allows you to recommend the widespread use of toothpaste in dentistry.

 The subtle art of caring for a smile, dental floss Glister

New dental floss Glister   - Is another popular line completion. NEW effectively removes plaque between teeth by preventing gum disease, tartar, and many other diseases of the mouth. The thread takes care of the gums, and suitable for the care of even closely spaced teeth. Whole waxed thread does not break and does not leave fibers between the teeth and a pleasant mild flavor freshens breath.

Estimated price: 215 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova