4 super news from Sisley!
 The French brand Sisley this fall will introduce some interesting novelties! Among them: Water Effikas - gentle makeup remover; Cream has a global minimizer Perfect, Blush Radiance - Phyto Blush Eclat (5 shades) and lip gloss Gloss - Phyto Lip Gloss - (7 colors).

1. The means for reducing pore Global Perfect Pore Minimizer

The first remedy for skin beauty, aimed at the solution of all problems, provoking an increase in the diameter of the pores so that the skin without makeup look perfect. Even up close.
Serum "global Perfect" while simultaneously correcting, preventive and instantaneous contains powerful effective components in high concentration, so that:
- Smooth surface relief of the skin;
- Visually and actually reduce the diameter of the pores;
- To normalize oily skin suffering from giperseborei;
- To strengthen the structure of the dermis in the mature skin.

 4 super news from Sisley!

Approximate price: 7470 rubles.

2. Gentle Makeup Remover - Eau Efficace - Water "Effikas"

In an effort to simplify the usual ritual for women skin care brand Sisley offers a new method for removing makeup for any skin type: Soft water lapped like a lotion, but removes makeup, like jelly, does not require rinsing, leaves the skin fresh and clean. The trio of plants: bean extract soap (shikakay), tamarind extract of the desert, an extract of baby's breath.

 4 super news from Sisley!

Approximate price: 4300 rubles.

3. The collection of lip glosses Phyto-LipGloss

The complex forming a brilliant coating with a volume effect, melting texture, gel system, ultra-pure pigments in special envelopes. Nourishing, moisturizing, soothing, healing and protective lip new Phyto-LipGloss contain carefully selected active vegetable ingredients, preserving the delicate skin of the lips and taking care of her.

 4 super news from Sisley!

Approximate price: 1985 rubles.

4. PHYTO Blush ├ęclat - Fitorumyana "The Shining"

New design: refined ethno printed "zebra".
Natural make-up effect of skin care: rose hip extracts, and ginkgo biloba, protect and prevent the spread of free radicals. The extracts of gardenia, linden, mallow and soften the skin. The formula contains a micronized powder and pigments, which makes the application of simple, easy and uniform.

 4 super news from Sisley!

Approximate price: 3050 rubles.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova