Start the new season with an exhibition of handicrafts "The atmosphere of creativity!"
 13-16 September 2012, TVK "Tishinka", Moscow, Tishinskaya Sq., 1.
III-rd International exhibition and sale of products for needlework and creativity invites you to participate!

The exhibition will continue to introduce the guests and visitors to the wonderful world of creativity: products, materials, services - all in order to fully experience the joy and fun crafts.
If you love and appreciate "hendmeyd", then you are waiting for the fruit of the inspiration of talented and skilled craftsmen, unique and unique works, bold decisions and successful experiments. Here are the things bear the stamp of good memories and the author's thoughts, inimitable and unique notes of the souls of their creators.

"The atmosphere of creativity" - it is also a positive experience, creative ideas, meet people, the opportunity to showcase their talent and skill to assess peers.

Thematic sections:

- Scrapbooking, kardmeyking, origami, quilling, decoupage, calligraphy, are mistaken;
- Patchwork, embroidery, felting and articles of felt, beading, knitting, crochet, machine knitting, lace-making, weaving, tapestry, batik;
- Original works of polymer clay and plastic, the author's jewelry, painting on wood, glass, fabric, jewelry author;
- Lampwork, fyuzing, ceramics, wood carving;
- Dolls and toys, Teddy Bears;
- Home decor, floral, candles, soap and cosmetics handmade.

In a Programme:

Presentation and sale of goods, materials and accessories for needlework and creativity;
Special Projects exhibition of origami, Quilt, decoupage, scrapbooking;
Master shows and workshops, free workshops for children;
Blitz-consultation and professional advice;
Interesting contests, raffles and lotteries;
Defile - felting, knitting, patchwork;
Exhibit rukodelnyh works of talented artists.

Information support:

- TV Moscow 24,
- Magazines: Fireside, wonderful moment, cross stitching, girls, boy, do it yourself, DECO, FOR ANY CASE, Scrap-INFO;
- Publishing house: Niola PRESS, PRESS COURIER, WHITE CITY

For more information on the official website.

Author: Anna Shustrova