The world's first men's fragrance, dedicated to James Bond
 London's Harrods department store has always sought to give each visitor the opportunity to plunge into the authentic British atmosphere. No wonder that at Harrods was "discovered" the secret odor of male style icons. Perfume James Bond 007 Eon Productions created in close cooperation with P & G - a true classic and masculine scent. The fragrance that embodies the universal idol, ideal modern man. Moreover, this year is an anniversary for James Bond - the saga of the legendary British spy is 50 years old.

When, in the 60s the first movie "James Bond" to acquaint visitors with the ideal male hero, the world witnessed the dawn of fragrances fern aromatic group . Aromas of this group became symbolic for the male perfume. This type of odor embodies a strong and vibrant masculinity that time and remains relevant in the 21st century. Only the flavor belonging to the fern aromatic group, was able to perfectly convey the unique blend of masculinity and elegance of Mr. Bond. Saucy center
composition is the note lavender . Light shades moss   and coumarin   complement the flavor James Bond 007 Making a compelling and soft at the same time focus on the masculine smell.

The contradictory nature of Bond passed through a combination of courageous vetiver , Is the embodiment of strength, with a sensual Lavender . Green apple   - British component of the true flavor - famous for its fresh taste, it reflects the character of Bond's softer side, adding a lighter shade, which harmonizes perfectly with the intoxicating note "Goblet" . Warm woody   with a bit musk   complete the rich aroma.

 The world's first men's fragrance, dedicated to James Bond

Elegant shape and dark blue bottle reminiscent of the famous luxury cars Bond. Silver screw cap - an allusion to the constant-art gadgets Bond.

"Face" campaign is in the shade - can be seen only a simple silhouette, reminiscent of the famous movie credits "James Bond". Greg Williams   (the photographer who created the posters for the last five films "Bond") explains: "I do not associate Bond with a face of a certain actor - the whole thing in a collective manner and style of the hero. By creating a campaign, I was inspired by the original illustrations of the early books Ian Fleming   and I tried to move people into the world of British spy, adhering to the theme of films, leaving his face in secret " .

The fragrance can be purchased at Harrods department store and online

The cost of a bottle of 75 ml - £ 32, 125 ml - £ 42

Author: Anna Shustrova