3 seconds to impress
 First impressions can turn your life, but to make it you have only 3 seconds. To this impression was in your favor, head & shoulders has developed a line of balms-conditioners, which, together with shampoo head & shoulders successfully struggling with dandruff and make the hair really beautiful

Top 5 things first estimate
in men:   eyes, look, hair, hands, shoes;
in women:   smile, hair, appearance, smell, energy.

Appearance - the first thing that people notice when they first met. And a man has just 3 seconds to make an excellent first impression: 3 seconds, no matter whether it's a romantic date or a business meeting. And that beautiful hair can significantly affect the creation of a great first impression!

That is why the head & shoulders has developed a new balsam conditioner 'primary care. " Firstly, it effectively fulfills the main purpose of the balm, making the hair smooth and shiny. His carefully chosen combination of ingredients for the care and conditioning designed so as to contribute to the brilliance, increasing softness, restores moisture and smoothes unruly hair. Hair condition improves and they are protected from damage - exactly what you would expect from balm-rinse quality.

Secondly, as well as the series shampoo, head & shoulders «Basic care" contains ActiZinc. The results of scientific tests prove that a combination of shampoo and balm-rinse head & shoulders twice as effective against dandruff than shampoo head & shoulders in combination with a conventional balm-conditioner . Moreover, balms, conditioners head & shoulders have been developed specifically to take care not only about the hair, but also on the scalp. For beautiful shiny hair begins with a healthy scalp. It is therefore balm conditioner head & shoulders unlike other conditioners can be applied not only to hair and scalp.

Thirdly, and most importantly, the new caring balm-conditioner head & shoulders your hair up to 100% protected from dandruff, and you are 100% ready for any meeting!

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila