Seven year old girl received a gift certificate for liposuction
 Crazy American mothers continue to surprise. Not yet subsided indignation over Botox, which is a tender-hearted lady was doing her daughter - an elementary school pupil, so that from an early age to preserve their youth. And now the story of yet another extraordinary Christmas present.

It's about a seven-year Poppy Burge, whose mother is not the first time an ingenious care about the beauty of his daughter. For example, last year, Sarah Burge, mama girl, Poppy gave the certificate to change the shape of the buttocks. Thank God, not now, but when the daughter was 16 years old. Even though 16 years - not the best time for surgery.

And Poppy Christmas present waiting for even more strange gift - a certificate for liposuction .... Sarah says, "lipo - is one of those procedures that the daughter exactly come in handy." It is good that the new certificate as the previous one, can be used only after the age of majority.

Sarah Burge believes that it presents - it's an investment in the future of her daughter, and certificates for services Beauty salons and clinics, in her opinion, is much more useful than to invest in education.

Perhaps the girl and appreciate over time, my mother's gifts, but still seven years, I think I want to get a toy as a present or, in extreme cases, a beautiful dress.

Author: Julia Gnedina