Competition for
 What do I need a woman to look great? Good shoes, stylish clothes and, of course, the perfect hairstyle! In the winter we rarely reflect on the hair, because they are forced to wear hats. But spring has come, and it's time to clean out caps, berets, and his cap. Top aides in creating hairstyles - all kinds of accessories and hair ornaments. It's time to manufacture them!

[b] take any hair ornaments made with any kind of needlework [/ b].
  It can both fully man-made accessory and decoration of ready-made clips, rim or anything else.

Stages and terms of the competition :
Acceptance of works - 15 April - 15 May 2011.   inclusive.
  Voting - May 18-22, 2011. inclusive.
  Announcement of results and awards ceremony - 24 May 2011.

I place - cosmetic, in the technique of machine embroidery
II place - a set of handmade soap
III place - bandage for washing and cap saunas
  Prizes provided by the member forum.

  Detailed rules of the competition here - p = 958169 # 958169B

Author: Julia Gnedina