A new friend Cameron Diaz taught it to a healthy lifestyle
 British Elle invited to its June cover of actress Cameron Diaz. 38-year-old blonde with blue-green eyes, shares his secrets of harmony and speaks about love and marriage.

Since then, Cameron broke up with Justin Timberlake, something happened to her. She began to change. Now the actress is completely switched not only on the new man, but also a new way of life. Playful and naughty girl becomes a supporter of all healthy.

Cameron is now 38, and she has never been married. And in an interview with Elle told that and does not want is to change anything in that sense. "A lot of people are married, but their relationship devoid of romance. I can not get married, knowing that it might have to leave. " Now Cameron is not alone, her relationship with baseball player Alex Rodriguez last for about a year and seem to be getting serious.

With regard to a healthier lifestyle, it is a fact. The actress says that now more careful in the choice of food. "Of course, because I'm meeting with the athlete! "- Explains Diaz. It is certainly not fried, and selects only natural products in the store. "I never really thought about it, but now only consume the right foods, counting all the nutrients." And he adds: "If you want to stay slim - you have to watch what you eat! ".

 A new friend Cameron Diaz taught it to a healthy lifestyle

In addition, many have noticed that the body Cameron became more fit and athletic, and it, too - the effect of a new friend.

And the attitude to life of the Hollywood star has changed. According to her, she is now less cynical than before. Now we do not often see Cameron cheerfully winking paparazzi. All say that Diaz became more restrained and more realistic.

 A new friend Cameron Diaz taught it to a healthy lifestyle

Photo: ELLE

Author: Julia Gnedina