A revolutionary mascara that advertise Liv Tyler
 We have already reported that Liv Tyler not only the face of fragrances Givenchy, but this year will be to promote a new mascara cosmetic brand. About this mascara is to tell apart! It will be available in July this year.

Perhaps by Givenchy's new can compete with most of the brands for the right of superiority on this indicator. It is enough to remember the first time proposed a cream or black spherical brush for mascara.

The new mascara by Givenchy called Démesure Audacious Lashes Mascara and has no less than revolutionary brush.

It is the world's first 3D telescopic brush, experts say brand. Creator - Nicolas Dezhen, art director of make-up line Givenchy. The new brush - just a few tools for perfect eyelashes: for applying mascara volume, for combing and separating the lashes, to process each cilium and add volume.

 A revolutionary mascara that advertise Liv Tyler

 A revolutionary mascara that advertise Liv Tyler

The brush consists of two parts, one turn is transformed, just as arranged Lipstick (tip-brush and small brush-like "shoot"). Tips from vizazhita Nicolas Dezhena:

 A revolutionary mascara that advertise Liv Tyler

Step 1. Apply mascara brush base tool, it consists of grooves on the cylinder 16, they accumulate the desired amount of mascara. Apply a thick layer of dense mascara.

Step 2. Releasing separating brush-comb eyelashes and add volume and separation.

Step 3. sharp tip allows you to handle each eyelash separately and attach a separate volume of the cilia.

 A revolutionary mascara that advertise Liv Tyler

A formula can also be a lot to say. It is no less revolutionary than the brush. First ink comprises hyaluronic acid rich fatty acids, natural waxes composed of rare Brazilian plant. Ink is not only paints over, but also fills minor irregularities of each cilium. The result is more and care means for eyelashes: moisturizing and nourishing.

New ink Démesure Audacious Lashes Mascara in July 2011, will be released in three shades:
- N ° 1 Audacious Black (Black)
- N ° 2 Audacious Brown (brown)
- N ° 3 Audacious Green (green, limited shade)

Photo: nicolas-degennes.com

Author: Julia Gnedina