Fergie admitted that a "inundated" footwear, clothing and cosmetics
 Singer Fergie - the heroine of the June issue of the journal «Lucky», in an interview with the star shares his thoughts about the style, fashion and beauty, reveals the secrets of his work on the figure and recognizes what is high heels.

Fergie on the cover in a luxurious dress by Louis Vuitton with a blue-green print zebra. Hair - the dream of many girls. Bleached locks are back in fashion this beach season, and layered long hairstyle is also at its peak.

36-year-old Fergie - above all praise, that's for sure. It turns out the beauty of her figure - the result of special exercises! Fergie told the newspaper that constantly "working" on the curves of the body. Lots of runs, jumps on a skipping rope, achieving harmony in the waist and sexy feminine forms.

Fergie said she loves high heels and platforms. "For the summer - only heels" - said Fergie - They lengthen legs. And I always wear high heels because her husband. When I want to kiss Josh (Fergie's husband), I do not have to stand on tiptoe. And because I wear heels most of the day, you choose to open the front of summer shoes to the feet can breathe. "

 Fergie admitted that a "inundated" footwear, clothing and cosmetics

Did you know that Fergie has his own line of shoes? It is called «Fergie Footwear». Once Fergie started this business, I always took for himself a copy of each of the models. But over time, according to her, I realized that it is impossible so to treat things and store them. "Even if they get you for free! "- Says the singer. "I got rid of the 200 pairs of shoes recently," - says Fergie and promised myself no longer save the extra stuff.

In addition to the love of shoes, Fergie said about his passion for fashion. Her wardrobe just littered with clothes. My husband even calls Josh Fergie wardrobe special term «Fergie Land» (territory Fergie). "My bedroom is full of things, and sometimes I get rid of them as follows: to give guests a large bag and a glass of wine for inspiration, and go to my bedroom. They choose to himself, relieving me of the huge backlog of clothes. "

 Fergie admitted that a "inundated" footwear, clothing and cosmetics

In 2010, Fergie released her fragrance «Outspoken» (Revelation) in collaboration with Avon. The singer like her creation, it reveals her identity, said Fergie. It usually disperses its fragrance on the hair for a more consistent effect from the fragrant trail.

Of course, all the interesting beauty secrets Fergie. How it saves in 36 beautiful skin and beautiful hair? Hair Fergie ... Tips to buy a straw hat. "I prefer the wide-model, they protect the hair and face from the sun, it is extremely important for youth and beauty."

Fergie opened and another his passion - cosmetics. She even admitted that this is a "drug addict" good cosmetics. "I grew up in California, we have there is always the sun, so I know that the primary care - a protection against the sun." Fergie always goes out only with the sunscreen on your face, particularly paying attention to the eye area. A recent discovery - the means La Mer: «I swear that their eye cream - the best for me, and it is not advertising! ".

 Fergie admitted that a "inundated" footwear, clothing and cosmetics

Such is the Lucky Fergie!

Photo: Lucky

Author: Julia Gnedina