Hobbyportal.ru - Forum for keen and creative people
 Do you have a favorite occupation?
Surely there. And, we believe, not one.

Do you like to sew, embroider, knit, engage decoupage or other types of needlework?

Do you like to draw, write poems or stories?

Or perhaps you are learning English, German or other foreign languages?

Do you have a pet or are you keen on floriculture?

Caring about beauty and health?

You learn to cook, or do you already have in stock only the author's recipes and culinary tricks do you know?

Your love - the computer and everything connected with it?

Then you will find a lot of like-minded people and new ideas on the forum Hobbyportal.ru

Participants of the forum are happy to share their experiences, participate in contests, giveaways and exchanges of different games.

Yes, and not just chat away

Welcome to Hobbyportal.ru

Author: Julia Gnedina