Makeup lessons myCharm: Why do I need a green concealer?
 Of course, you have repeatedly seen in supermarkets and cosmetic boutiques correctors, concealers and tonal pencil green. But something confused, that does not allow you to buy things? Perhaps the lack of information. Well, try to fill this gap.

And in order to understand how the green concealer, we need to remember the color wheel. You've probably heard that the colors are located opposite each other in the circle, make a pair. They cancel each other out, is neutralized. And the green color in the circle is right in front of the red. Therefore, it neutralizes the red. Thus, a green concealer can greatly different mask redness, pimples, acne and even just overly rosy cheeks.

No, I do not run to the store for a green pencil if redness. Average foundation is able to cope with it. And if you lack foundation, if your funds are not tonal camouflage redness, only in this case, we need a special green concealer.

How to use . The trick here is not special. If done correctly, there are no "patches" on the face in the form of green or white spots will not.

- Take the concealer brush and cover only a pimple or red spot, annoy you.
- Be sure to blend the edges to avoid boundaries color transitions.
- Top put your regular foundation. He hides the green.
- A light touch of powder to not interfere with the completion, will allow the powder to be your disguise in place without smearing.

Recently, a product such as a green primer. It's a translucent makeup base that allows meykapu stay very long. They say that it still works better than concealers and correctors to mask redness. So if you have a similar problem, you can try this product for it heard only good reviews.

Author: Julia Gnedina