Finnish flagship Nokia N8: feminine look
 Phone Nokia N8, introduced in April this year, is preparing to conquer the hearts of Russian users. Already this month, the device will go on sale in Russia.

It's no secret that people tend to communicate. They like to chat and phone users, sharing their experiences with each other. But what to do when your phone is not yet on sale, and so would like to know more about it? You can ask the representatives of companies that are aware of all your phone! And the opportunity you have today! In anticipation of the start of sales of the company model N8 Nokia is ready to answer questions from users within the online press conference, which will take place on the site - one of the leading resources on the mobile phone.

Nokia N8 - a smartphone, but when it comes easier - a "smart" phone that can do everything. Most of the enclosure is made of aluminum, and weighs 135 grams phone. It would seem - it's a phone for men. And the point. But no! The first thing that attracts attention in the official photos of new items - a lot of colors: black, silver, orange, blue, green, - as the saying goes, for every taste.

 Finnish flagship Nokia N8: feminine look

This means that the number of holders Nokia N8 will not only members, but also the wearer. And, considering the functionality of the phone, the latter necessarily make friends with him. After all, Nokia N8 will allow up to 50 hours to listen to your favorite music, watch videos as HD, take pictures, take pictures in great quality, communicate with friends, and of course, thanks to the big screen from the comfort of their favorite sites to visit.

It remains to wait. The sale of the phone will be in mid-September at the price of 19990 rubles. And if you want a little bit more to learn about this phone - Welcome to the online press conference! Send your questions you can ask at: id = 2

Author: Gnedina Julia