Seven tips on how to adapt to a new job
 Our portal - about beauty, but our lives as well as yours, includes not only care about themselves. And all the questions relating to the life of the modern woman, we are interested in. For example, about work. Do you remember how you came to a new place? What mistakes made? Let's discuss?

Here are our seven tips for those who want to get along better at the new location.

1. Make friends.   Having friends or even one close colleague - a guarantee that you will be comfortable in the team. A team is also clear: if you are with someone are friends, they came here a long time, so it makes no sense to build intrigues.

2. work, work and work again.   Yes, we need to work hard and try to do it as much as possible. People love hard-working, and you will only be useful to expand the horizons of their own disability.

3. Do not forget to be submitted.   You do not seem to expect that someone you already submitted. Just a week - and you already know everything. And so will have six months to work out, and all remain "brand new."

4. Try not to do anything stupid.   Especially at first, until you joined the team, it is better to refrain from dancing on the table during corporate party or flirting with the boss. Beware also of the desire to take home brand notebook or play on the computer game.

5. Treat close colleagues.   It is not necessary to wear in the office kilograms of fast food. Just sometimes it's very nice when someone will treat you in the morning donut or candy. Do not hesitate to offer, it can be positioned to you many.

6. Do not get too much humor.   Even if you are in life, "the soul of the company" and a storehouse of anecdotes, while refrain. People want to be taken seriously. Not everyone can laugh at themselves, especially if over them jokes are new. Refrain also from slang and from strong expressions.

7. Be yourself.   This is the main board. It is really worthwhile. Otherwise you will have to wear a "mask", and it is very difficult with time. Often, to get rid of it can only be dismissed.

Girls, share with us, do you have the recipes, how to fit into a new team?

Author: Julia Gnedina