BB-Cream - now and GOSH!
 Fashion at the BB creams, came to us from the Asian market, has spurred western companies to create their counterparts. BB-Cream - means really unusual, because it combines several means: it's foundation, and medical and sunscreen, and corrective ... Meet the new BB-cream brand GOSH!

BB cream GOSH   - It is a versatile product with soothing, improves the complexion and anti-aging properties.

It will provide skin moisturizing, like a base for make-up will prepare your skin for makeup application and hide the imperfections of your skin as a concealer.

Formula BB-cream GOSH   It contains natural pigments and the active ingredient is called Phytosan ™ Which makes the skin smooth and supple, it supports the production of collagen.

Phytosan ™ in the BB cream GOSH:

*   It stimulates the skin's natural defense system, and also has protection against UV radiation, which helps prevent skin photoaging.

*   It affects the regenerative functions of the skin, stimulating collagen production and biosynthesis.

*   It improves smoothness and elasticity of the skin and reduces wrinkles.

BB cream GOSH is presented in four shades

 BB-Cream - now and GOSH!
  BB-Cream - now and GOSH!
  BB-Cream - now and GOSH!
  BB-Cream - now and GOSH!

How to choose the right shade?

BB cream GOSH   It has the property to adapt to the natural skin color. Apply a small amount of explosives-cream on the cheek or choose a shade that is closest to the color of the skin on your neck.

What keeps the product?

BB cream GOSH   It provides natural skin coating, which will be held all day. If you want to refresh makeup, simply apply another layer of BB-creams. Yes! BB cream GOSH   It will be held on the skin even at a high humidity, because the product is water-resistant. The experiment: put a little BB cream GOSH   on the arm, and then pour the upper water. BB cream is completely water repellent.

Price: 600 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova