Diets do not lead to youth
 It seems that scientists have come very close to that, to debunk glossy statements of recent years that concern for harmony and limiting calories from the early years are a long youth.

News published edition of Nature. Studies conducted by the US National Institute on Aging. They carried out experiments which revealed that monkeys that restrict calories, do not live longer. However, they are healthier, on average - have better heart function, a good immune system, less prone to diabetes and cancer. But no effect longevity identified nor was there.

It turns out a paradoxical conclusion: health does not lead to longevity and proper diet does not lead to longevity, too, only to health. A reasonable question: why do you need health, if it does not lead to longevity?

Of course, you will say that it is better not to hurt than to hurt, and it is better to be slim than complete. But if there are those who have a different opinion ... Well, girl, for a chocolate?

Author: Julia Gnedina