Lipsticks by singer Fergie!
 Another beauty sensation associated with Celebrity singer Fergie (Fergie) released a collection name lacquers Wet n Wild. It seems pretty Fergie is working not only with the beauty brand Avon! Of course, as far as the vocalist of the group Black Eyed Peas, bright and extraordinary personality, the classic, muted shades and modest is not out of the question!

Lucky Fergie   - This intense shimmer, glitter in the form of stars, bright neon glitter, bold and festive hues. Of course, the inspiration of this collection of lacquers Wet n Wild   It was the work of the singer, in particular its hits. Therefore, the corresponding name from the varnish:

* Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night
* Hollywood Walk of Fame
* Take the Stage
* Glowstick
* Miami Spirit
* Ferguson Crest Syrah
* Fergalicious
* L.A. Pride
* XoXo
* Dana
* Make Them Boys Go Loco
* Velvet Lounge
* Flossy Flossy
* No Place Like Home

The price of one vial in foreign shops around $ 4.

We offer you all the shades of varnishes new fashion collection of Fergie!

 Lipsticks by singer Fergie!

 Lipsticks by singer Fergie!


Author: Anna Shustrova