The most expensive package
 How can cost a paper bag, which put the purchase? Even if it purchases from the high brand? Do not ... more 10 rubles 100 rubles 1000 rubles ... ... Do not guess! It can cost almost three hundred dollars.

World's most expensive paper bag - a package named Vasari Bag by Jil Sander. A generally rectangular bag made of paper with a special coating (although in appearance from a conventional craft) and retails for $ 290.

From the decor - stitch holes and metal logo Jil Sander. This bag from the collection Autumn-Winter 2012.

Publication, spoke about the new product, reasonable notice that for $ 290 you can buy all the paper bags that only meet while shopping this fall.

But there is another, no less exciting news about the package for $ 290. Buy the package is no longer possible, they are currently sold wishing to be Vasari Bag have to wait for the restart in the next season.

 The most expensive package

Author: Julia Gnedina