The secret of youthful Jane Fonda - sex
 Legendary actress and aerobics queen Jane Fonda (Jane Fonda) is already in '74. This is the age when women in our country called the grandmothers. However, Jane does not look her age - she is still cheerful and youthful. Recently, world famous blonde revealed the secret of its appeal.

Fund admitted in an interview that it is now it is experiencing the best sex of her life - with his partner Richard Perry   (Richard Perry). That is, according to many, allowing it to stay young at the age of 70 mb.

Jane was married three times: for the French director Roger Vadim   (Roger Vadim), politician Tom Hayden   (Tom Hayden) and founder of the CNN Ted Turner   (Ted Turner).

 The secret of youthful Jane Fonda - sex

His current partner, Richard Perry, Jane met 40 years ago. With it the Foundation fully liberated and fully express confidence in the realization of their desires. Richard - music producer, he was 70 years old.

Actress candidly says: "The only thing that I was not familiar - true intimacy with a man. And I really wanted her to know before I die. It happened with Richard, I feel with him is absolutely secure. Often, when we are engaged love, I see it as it was 30 years ago. "

 The secret of youthful Jane Fonda - sex

"I have never been so full of intimate life, as in 74. As a young man I had so many taboos. I did not know what I wanted."

Jane admitted that previously always sought to please men, and all their problems blamed his father.


Author: Anna Shustrova