Anti-aging line of Prodigy by Helena Rubinstein
 Helena Rubinstein is are new anti-aging line Prodigy, which combines luxury and innovative technology.

The history of this line goes back in 2002. Researchers Helena Rubinstein laboratories have come to the conclusion that women need comprehensive remedy that would have a unique anti-aging effect. Inspired by the miraculous effect of natural vegetable components, researchers have devoted four years of painstaking deciphering and careful selection of ingredients to create a new formula sredstvaProdigy (translated as "a miracle"). Its secret is a Bio-Sap - a true elixir of life, which is a combination of 15 high-performance anti-aging components. This formula, which has a soft texture, is designed so that its components have a unique anti-aging effect directly on those cells in need.

Seven years later, the brand Helena Rubinstein decided to improve this tool and creates Prodigy Extreme, rich anti-aging cream to combat the signs of aging radical.

In search of the causes of skin aging, researchers laboratories Helena Rubinstein turned for help to the famous center of Laboratoire de Biologie des Tissus Conjonctifs de Liege (biological laboratory of Liege University for the Study of the connective tissue), which is known for its collaboration with NASA, as well as research in the field of cell skin. Through this collaboration, managed to open a new secret of aging of the skin of the upper layers: it is due to the destruction of the "living bridge" cell. They are called takzheintegrinami they bind cells to the matrix, thereby protecting cells from aging. Integrins are a measure of youthful skin. With age, they lose their power, and the cell "bridges" are destroyed, so that the cells are not available nutrients and triggered the accelerated aging mechanisms.

Inspired by the miraculous effect of natural ingredients, the researchers developed a laboratory Helena Rubinstein unique remedy to strengthen the mechanisms of aging: Bio-Sap Extreme, which proved to be remarkably efficient thanks to the energy of natural colors plant cells redwoods and grapes. These natural plant cells have the amazing power: full of vitality, they are able to restore funktsiiintegrinov and reactivate cellular activity. The cells are filled with a new vitality, and the skin takes on a second youth.

The new facility has a comfortable and flawless texture, soft as the most exquisite velvet. Its delicate flavor is incredibly attractive.

The skin around the eyes and lips is very delicate and eventually becomes mostly a reflection of the age, so Prodigy Extreme pays special attention to the aging of the skin. Prodigy Extreme for the eyes and lips - a luxurious combination of exquisite pleasure and high performance, created to eliminate five of radical signs of skin aging eyelids and lips. After the first application of this tool, the skin becomes soft, velvety and saturated with nutrients. Day after day, skin age aligned, reduced wrinkles, bags under glazamiosvetlyayutsya and disappear. His eyes seemed to open up and shine like after lifting. The lines around the lips wrinkles disappear, the outline becomes clearer and more pronounced, and the lipstick does not blur.

In addition to a series of Prodigy Extreme, Helena Rubinstein launches tool Prodigy Re-Plasty, which has a powerful effect, aimed at solving specific problems. This orientation corresponds perfectly ambivalent expectations of women, faced with the problem of aging: full control over the process of aging in the long term as well as immediate results.

In a press release of the brand said that "there are two conventional types of women. Women" in the pumps, "take care of themselves, trying to always be beautiful and choose the expensive and exclusive cosmetics, favoring an efficient and pleasant to the skin mnogofunktsionalnymantivozrastnym means. Prodigy as Prodigy Extreme, perfectly match their expectations. Women "stiletto" - a perfectionist who did not compromise with themselves. They choose high-tech tools with immediate effect. The ideal means kotoroeHelena Rubinstein offers this bright and wise women is Prodigy Re-Plasty ".

Prodigy Anti-aging cream provides your face smoothness, firmness, radiance, hydration, and even color.
Intense anti-aging cream Prodigy Extreme working on deep-powered, eliminating wrinkles, increasing elasticity, restoring facial contour and luxurious radiant skin.
Cosmetic effect "Mesotherapy" Prodigy Re-Plasty provides ideal elasticity, radiant skin and active lifting effect.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila