Green tea for a slim figure
 Lipton introduced a new collection of green tea Lipton Linea, which is naturally found in twice as much catechins than other green teas Lipton. Due to its natural properties, this tea in conjunction with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle helps take care of the figure.

Everyone knows that green tea is good for health and contains many essential substances. Scientists at the Institute for Research Lipton tea was able to go further and create not just a new blend of green tea with the original taste and the product with unique properties, which helps keep the body in good physical shape.

The special properties of hot tea Lipton Linea underlines the new original packing with an unusual design. Its material carefully preserves the taste and flavor of the tea, and the shape of the pyramid provides more space for the brewing and helps young tea leaves and pieces of fruit to give maximum nutrients.

Tea Lipton Linea is available in two flavors: "Citrus" and "Pineapple and hibiscus."

What is catechin? Catechins - is antioxidants, which by nature are contained in green tea. These phenolic substances of plant origin, derives its name from akatsiikatehu also found in fruits and leaves of other plants. For example, in grapes, cacao, apples.

Catechins have long been a subject of intense interest to scientists around the world. Currently, a number of experimentally verified their useful properties:

catechins destroy free radicals, preventing the aging of the organism;

due to the high biological activity of catechins regulate the permeability of the capillaries and increase the elasticity of the walls, as well as helping to more efficient use of the body of ascorbic acid;

Being powerful antioxidants, they help to accelerate metabolism and increase energy expenditure;

catechins also inhibit the absorption of fat by the body and therefore help in the fight against calories.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila