Innovative system for youth hair Schauma Q10
 Company Schwarzkopf & Henkel presents a new range of innovative Schauma Q10, which can effectively solve the problems of mature hair thanks to the unique formula with coenzyme Q10.

The desire to look young and attractive as long as possible is inherent in every woman: we are ready for a wide variety of tools and procedures to reflection in a mirror brings joy. Often it is the hair is an indicator that shows that the body needs additional sources of energy and youth.

Research has shown that after 30 years the majority of women complain of dry, brittle, thinning hair and no volume. Under the influence of the biological changes, stress and adverse environmental age structure and appearance of hair changes - reduced reproduction rates of the main structural component of hair - keratin. As a result, hair become weak, lose their luster and strength.

In order to restore the level of keratin requires a powerful source of energy, as opposed to the aging process. And that means is a well izvestnyykoenzim Q10 - an antioxidant and a true guardian of young cells. Coenzyme Q10 is involved in energy production in cells, stimulating their reproduction and opposing thus aging processes.

The new complex Schauma Q10 through the active effect of coenzyme Q10 has an impact directly on the hair roots, activating the reproduction of keratin and blocking negative age-related changes. Restoration and improvement of keratin restores the hair structure and seal. As a result, mature hair regains strength, volume and health. With constant use of shampoo and hair balm become more elastic, smooth and attractive.

The complex consists of Q10 Schauma shampoo (225 ml and 380 ml) and balsam (200 mL).

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila