Win a Day of Beauty Institute Dior in Paris
 The competition is a little bit unusual. Dior offers a little play ... rhymes. Remember this game "Burime"? This literary game, which consists in composing verses on given rhymes. Buy Dior products in the Ile de Beauté, write a poem in rhyming set, answer 10 questions and win a day of beauty at the Institute of Dior in Paris!

What is the Institute of Dior in Paris - is a dream of almost every woman. And none of us, probably, will not refuse such a gift as a day of beauty, held in Paris, the Institute of Dior. And how to receive this gift? Listen to the instructions.

To participate in the contest:

• From 1 st to 30 th September to buy products from Dior 2000rub. and keep a check.

• Play in Burime: write a short poem given rhymes. Here they are again - Love Frustration - Recognition, Dior - J'adore, Art - magic.

• Register or login Ile de Beauté, in your account and go to "Publications" section, choose from the drop down list "Competition Day Beauty Dior".

• Enter the number of the check with the positions of Dior.

• Answer 10 questions and write a poem on a given rhyme.

The competition is not as common, perhaps even difficult, but the gift - worth. A unique day procedures in Paris at the Institute of Dior.

 Win a Day of Beauty Institute Dior in Paris

Author: myCharm: Julia Gnedina