Anatomy flavor: Sensuous, Estee Lauder
 Sensuous - the latest fragrance from Estee Lauder - debuted this month under the tag "It is individual for each woman." For the presentation of perfume in four models of different age groups took part in the shooting of a commercial (Gwyneth Paltrow (Gwyneth Paltrow), Elizabeth Hurley (Elizabeth Hurley), Hilary Rhoda (Hilary Rhoda) and Caroline Murphy (Carolyn Murphy)).

According to Karyn Khoury, senior vice president of the corporation Estee Lauder Corporate Fragrance Development, Sensuous relies on "update the idea of ​​womanly wood chords." After all, before women wood flavors to satisfy the requirements of a limited number of people, because the tree was considered too "dark and strong, to embody the image of women:

For Sensuous, we have represented a fabulous wood sculpture that is surprisingly smooth and sensual, but then it melted, so that it became a liquid, like the wood river. How can it smell like? "

The resulting aroma, which was developed by perfumer Annie Buzantian, contains notes of lily, magnolia, jasmine petals, molten wood, amber, sandalwood, black pepper, juicy mandarin pulp and honey. It offers breath-rich, intense sweetness - it implicitly reminds spicy chords stewed fruits, which are characterized by many fragrances Serge Lutens, although this interpretation are lighter, less exotic.

Sensuous quickly calms down, and the result is a flavor of a lot easier than we expected in the beginning. What do you feel during those 20 minutes, and then you will feel in the remaining time (and the last energy is simply perfect, with just so you'll smell and most of the day): flavor can be described as a step. I describe it as a honey amber wood, not too dark and not too sweet. This stylized portrait of the tree - the fact that you can not say that it smells like a peculiar woody fragrance, and at the same time, as a special floral aroma (Khoury described him as "atmospheric bloom" - and it is absolutely exactly).

 Anatomy flavor: Sensuous, Estee Lauder

Sensuous is extremely smooth and polished - absolutely no ripples on the surface of flavor, it goes very well on the skin. The danger may be that the flavor can easily become boring, but I could not find anything in Sensuous boring at all. This is one of the rare perfumes that I can think of pleasant and interesting; By most estimates it smells delicious. It is perfect for the hot period, and, although I have not tried, but I think it will be in harmony with other flavors. It's definitely my favorite of the year.

The bottle, in my opinion, my dear. It has a ribbed wavy shape on the rear side, causing some interest, when you look from the front. But there is nothing fabulous (or funny, or sexual) in it; you look at it - and no desire to say, "Wow! "As, for example, when looking at the Marc Jacobs Daisy or Burberry The Beat, and there is no classical direction, as in the last year Estee Lauder Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia. To me, it looks safe, but boring, that's frustrating.

Author: Ann, New York