Men's cosmetics amazing main street of the Great Britain
 The British brand has released a new, first line of male cosmetics C & T for Superdrug. Taxi Man, continuing female cosmetic line Taxi Londo, is defined as the correction line, which Manscara and Guyliner - first presented products. Manscara - light gel isolation of eyebrows and eyelashes, Guy-liner (the picture) is designed to emphasize the eyes or create an image of a rock star.

The products have been developed as a product of prime necessity, that a man could borrow from their wives or girlfriends. According to the site, creator of Taxi Man, Peter Kelly said: "It's a fine cosmetics rather than a desire to distinguish their features. There are a large number of normal men using cosmetics, like Russell Brand (Russell Brand) and Jim Carrey (Jimmy Carr) ".

Taxi Man - the first men's cosmetics line, which will be sold in the women's section. Jeff Wemyss, Commercial Director of Superdrug, said: "Most of our customers - a woman, and we believe that these products are women buying for their partners as well as men - for themselves."

Market men's care products for skin and body experienced a huge growth in the UK, and all thanks to the fact that men are more willing to be seen, and well groomed.

The expected cost Guyliner and Manscara about £ 6.50 for each and line Taxi Man plan to expand the concealer and lip balm, which will be released in September. Kelly added: "I think that the line Taxi London for Men range has the potential to capture a niche in the future, funds for the care of the skin, and, possibly, other cosmetics. I never thought to have a range of color cosmetics, but would not refuse bronzer powder. We want to support sophisticated and required line. "

Author: Ann, New York