Seaside fun - SpaPedicure from Creative Nail Design
 It is known that cosmetic products containing the unique marine components are widely used by experts, not only for the body but also for your hands and feet. They are beneficial to the state, regulate the body's metabolism and provide powerful protection against harmful environmental influences.

Taking advantage of valuable gifts maritime disaster, the American corporation Creative Nail Design (USA) has developed a complete system of foot care - Marine SpaPedicure. It includes superficial and deep skin peeling, bloodless treatment of corns, rejuvenating mask and foot massage based drugs, including marine alfaoksikislotny complex and sea salt.

The procedure consists of several steps. It starts with sanitizing and softening the skin of legs with the foot baths. Added to the water preparation Sea Rocks Soak, which includes tea tree oil, rice bran and almonds, moisturizes the skin. A lacy foam agents Foaming Sea Soak deodorizes, disinfects and softens it. The room filled with the scent of eucalyptus and help you relax.

  Then, a peeling feet. Preparation Sea Salt Glow, designed for gentle exfoliation thanks to a mixture of minerals and salts from the Dead Sea provides effective surface exfoliation prepares the skin to the deep peeling. To remove the rough skin with a foot, you can use Sea Scrub. A Marine Sea Serum serum exfoliates and removes callosity. All three products contain a mixture of minerals and salts from the Dead Sea, vitamin E and rice bran oil.

 Seaside fun - SpaPedicure from Creative Nail Design

The next stage - hydrates the skin, which is made by two agents. Marine Masque of marine extracts, mineral clay, glycerin, menthol, aloe vera extract and peppermint oil softens the skin for a long time and gives a sense of coolness and freshness. Humidification can also be produced with the help of the drug Marine Cooling Gel. The gel is easily cope with a feeling of heaviness in the legs due to the menthol crystals and seaweed extracts. It is able to remove the pain and foot fatigue. In addition, it is not necessary to rinse.

Pedicure final stage consisting in foot massage turns into a real pleasure Massage Oil Massage Oil Massage Silk or preparation of a mixture of natural oils.

Pedicure, you can also complete the cream Cucumber Heel Therapy. It contains aloe vera, urea, cucumber extract and chamomile moisturize and effectively protect the newly formed young skin. Besides cream when used regularly slows aging and prevents callus.

Marine SpaPedicure - a luxury care, which allows you to achieve excellent results under any condition of the skin of feet, even when home use.

 Seaside fun - SpaPedicure from Creative Nail Design