"Hollywood" lipstick
 French beauty house has created Helena Rubinstein lipstick Wanted Shine, personifies the beauty and radiance of the modern Hollywood.

The new product is characterized as friendly and protects. Lipstick available twenty transparent colors ranging from pale pink to brightly red finishing.

In combination with the oils that give lips shine, the main ingredient is a product line Wanted Elixir from the mother's milk, well known for its restorative qualities. Containing large amounts of vitamin B, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids, this elixir helps to stimulate cellular metabolism, prevents aging and moisturizes lips.

Acerola extract is used exclusively by Helena Rubinstein, it is a powerful source of vitamin C, and makes lips more voluminous. The microparticles with a slight sheen accent lights lips.

Specialist makeup Charlotte Tilbury (Charlotte Tilbury), which creates this lipstick, explained: "I wanted to get something soft and transparent at the same time having a deep color because it is just and reflects the fragility and strength of contemporary Hollywood."