Clearblue is a revolutionary Digital Ovulation Test
 According to statistics, every second couple is trying to conceive at the wrong days. There are a limited number of days in each cycle when a woman is able to conceive. For each woman and each cycle these days - is different. That is why the prediction of ovulation is extremely important when planning pregnancy.

Digital Clearblue Ovulation Test helps women to better understand your body and its ability to conceive, defining 2 days of the cycle, the most favorable for conception. Through easy-to-read digital display and results, which are shown on the display as clear symbols, Digital Ovulation Test Clearblue incredibly easy to use, and the accuracy of the results - more than 99%.

Ovulation Test Clearblue - a revolutionary advancement in the segment of the market leader in pregnancy tests and ovulation. During the 20 years Clearblue is a pioneer in this field and has developed appropriate solutions such as the one-step and one-minute test, with a color display, and finally, a new digital test.

Most of the ways to determine the best time for conception time or ineffective (such as the method of measuring the basal temperature is ineffective due to the fact that the temperature rises just after ovulation), or require medical intervention (such as a blood test or an ultrasound scan). Clearblue development specialists help women who are preparing to conceive, to determine the most appropriate for this day at home.

 Clearblue is a revolutionary Digital Ovulation Test

How does Digital Ovulation Test Clearblue?

When the egg is mature, a woman's body there is a very sharp rise in luteinizing hormone. It is when the levels of the hormone reaches its peak, it is safe to talk about ovulation. Digital Ovulation Test Clearblue based on a simple urine analysis determines the content of LH. It should be used daily at the same time for a few days when ovulation is expected. To determine the results before using the test strip to be inserted into the holder of the test, and then put under the urine stream for a few seconds. After 3 minutes, the LCD screen will show the result. When shown on the display - "smiley" means the LH surge in the urine reached its maximum concentration, and the chances of conceiving a child within the next 2 days are the highest.

Unlike conventional test where the result is stored only a few minutes, it shows a digital display for 24 hours.

Digital Ovulation Test Clearblue ensures unmatched precision of the results (99%) and confidence every step of the test. Each pack contains 7 tests of test strips.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila