Lack of sex can cause breast disease
 The lack of harmonious sexual relations can cause serious health problems chest - a fact of which many guessed, confirmed today as oncologists and psychologists.

Galina Korzhenkova, MD, oncologist, a senior researcher at the Russian Cancer Research Center. Blokhin, an expert Donation Program Avon ¬ęTogether Against Breast Cancer" He commented: "Breast cancer - the most hormone-dependent organ in a woman's body. On the hormonal status affects everything: lifestyle, mental attitude, magnetic storms. Lack of regular sexual intercourse - a very important risk factor in this case, and for a long abstinence breast is not helpful. "

During sex, and especially during orgasm, the blood fall hormones needed for breast health. The absence of an intimate relationship can cause a hormonal imbalance, which in turn, provokes the development of mastitis and the emergence of benign: knots, seals tumors. The emergence of such changes - a serious reason to see a doctor, oncologist mammologu Thus, proliferative mastopathy (ie when thrive breast tissue) increases the risk of breast cancer by 3-5 times.

The psychological stress associated with lack of harmonious sexual relations, also has a negative impact on the health of the breast. Permanent rejection of sex contributes to the development of emotional stress, which can cause suppression of the immune system and thus create conditions for the start of pathological processes in the chest.

Olga Rozhkova, doctor onkopsiholog, family therapist, Member of the Board of the Association of Russian Onkopsihologov expert program Avon ¬ęTogether Against Breast Cancer" He said: "The problems of sexuality, strong suppression of feelings and disregard their own needs lead to the development of depressive stress-hormonal. It greatly reduces the possibility of defenses effectively with different mutations and therefore increases the risk of breast disease. "

The main conclusion of medical experts is that to minimize potential health problems chest may have to rethink their lifestyle. As a prevention of a disease can be recommended to establish a personal life, and even better - pregnancy and lactation.

Author: Julia Gnedina