Metamorphosis of the famous line of hair.
 In 2006, the first global brand that produces hair styling products, modernize its appearance, its silhouette, and their logo!

More than twenty years ago, Oréal filled the shelves of supermarkets awesome and challenging product: Studio Line, which is the leader in the market of funds intended for hair styling with a logo inspired by the artist Mondrian, - composition of red, yellow and blue.

Today, Studio Line symbolism updated. For this 3 grandionyh scheduled events:

Brand teams up with the great modern «hair artist», Cuban-Americans, Pete Orlando (Orlando Pita), who turns out to be a hairdresser, creator of Studio Line;

Gamma rationalizes 5 families: les Essentiels, Invisi'FX, Hot, Wet et Looks Extrêmes;

And advertising, advertising, photographs, music, art, design, led by Michel Angelo Di Battista. (Michel Angelo Di Battista).

I wonder how will now look Studio Line, which claimed the super contemporary style and up to this very modernization?