New from Estee Lauder: precious shades of eye makeup
 Estee Lauder is a luxury colored mascara with the effect of increasing the volume and bending Sumptuous. Offered delicious shades: magnificent sapphire, emerald dazzling, rich garnet, purple amethyst, the noble amber. Use a colored mascara Sumptuous to create unparalleled image.

About texture and composition should be discussed separately.

- Soft formula with the consistency of mousse gives volume to lashes even rare.
- Water-based gel, a complex of a polymer is readily waxes and pigments make this volume weightless.
- Fiber saturation Bold VolumeTM formula is ultra-light separating structure.
- The revolutionary fiber in the form of "Y" - is another factor osnovoopredelyayuschy extraordinary lightness of the carcass. These fibers are successfully interconnected, wrap each lash and actually fill the space between the lashes at the same time raising them.

Another advantage of ink - an exclusive brush-comb BrushComberTM, created especially for mascara Sumptuous. Made up of two types of intertwining of bristles, it makes eyelashes thick, enveloping them with the effect of air volume of 360 degrees.
Soft, flexible bristles to quickly distribute mascara on the lashes, and the rigid and elastic bristles carefully comb each cilium, preventing the formation of lumps.

 New from Estee Lauder: precious shades of eye makeup

Sumptuous Mascara presented in five shades. How to choose the right color - makeup artists advise Estee Lauder:
• If you have a green or light brown eyes - Use shades and AMETHYST GARNET.
• To brown eyes perfect shade of AMBER.
• Blue eyes underline ink color EMERALD.
• For all suitable shade SAPPHIRE, which will make your image brighter and more noticeable.

 New from Estee Lauder: precious shades of eye makeup

Did you use color ink? Maybe it worth to buy at least for the holidays?

Author: myCharm: Julia Gnedina