Not an easy share of perfumers.
 To create a new perfume in France, you need to have in the background 20-30 years of professional experience!

Do you know how much time to create a work of art? For example, the spirits must be between 20 and 30 years of professional experience, at least two participants: creator of the fragrance on the one hand and the customer on the brand - on the other.

Once the idea of ​​the project is defined (female or male perfume, floral or oriental fragrance), will need many months of development, sometimes even years to create a masterpiece of perfume. And after all this, you need only two minutes in the boutique, to turn away from it or buy it.

Heavy life of perfumers!

Photo: Grenouille (BEN WISHAW) and red-haired girl (KAROLINE HERFURTH) in the new film "Perfume, the story of the murderer"