Tested for you - cream "Ideal nutrition" by Carita.
 The cream of rice milk for dry skin.
Purpose: moisturizes and protects the skin from external influences. Ingredients: extract of chestnut and wild mango, rice milk, butter and rice wax.
Price in Europe - 80 euros
Content - 50 ml

Test conducted Annie, 52, from Paris.

Annie: "This cream is presented in a glass jar with a lid, a simulated silver. It is very discreet and elegant design.

Oily texture and a rich cream color - without dyes.
Tasty and unobtrusive smell for some reason I recalled the smell of rice porridge with milk!

First impression: comfort, delivered its nutritional skin texture and flavor. Then, as if the skin is inflated and it lasts all day. You do not need to use the cream for the second time in a day. Once is enough in the morning to the evening. And the second time that day I use this cream on the night - it is very nutritious!

I did not like that in daylight it glitters. It was necessary to wait before the make-up or drive it into the skin with your fingers. But skin really becomes satin.

A large jar of cream and texture allows you to stretch the use of the cream for a long time.

At the end of 2 weeks skin appears visibly rejuvenated, from this time can be used only for the night cream.
It is, indeed, a cream for very dry skin!