Topshop will produce a line of decorative cosmetics
 Iconic brand in the fashion world, while remaining stable and solid, never ceases to amaze. And the latest news enthralled for many admirers of the brand. Recently Topshop announced plans in 2010 to release the market its own line of cosmetics.

Everyone hopes that the new products will be the face of Kate Moss. The latest collection of her things for the brand had been received by critics very cold, and it is unknown whether the model will continue its efforts in the field of design. But like a supermodel, Kate remains unsurpassed leader for its many brands are struggling face: and cosmetics, and clothing. And if you manage to keep Topshop and Kate Moss as the face of the brand for the future makeup, the success of new products will be provided. Still would! After all, her smoky eyes are still considered among the best of the season.

Author: myCharm: Julia Gnedina