Collection body care "Wild Argan" from The Body Shop
 Argan oil has long asserted itself in the beauty industry, but was used mainly for hair care. Today, The Body Shop, a brand with 38 years of experience in developing natural cosmetics inspired by nature itself and its best ingredients creates a complete collection of tools for the body of argan.

Collection "Wild Argan" includes 9 luxury care products for the skin:

· Perfect Body Oil   (200 ml, 690 rubles.) With a thick, creamy texture in a split second melts into the skin, gives it an intense hydration and nutrition for 24 hours.

· Dry Oil Spray radiant   (125 ml, 990 rubles.) - A real beauty elixir for the skin and hair. Apply a few drops on dry skin to nourish and golden lights.

· Aromatic bath foam   (250 ml, 580 rub.) Will help to relax after a hard day's work. Dilute a few drops under a stream of hot water filling the tub and enjoy luxurious foam. Warm nutty fragrance instantly envelop you make relax and forget all the troubles.

· Intensive Body Scrub   (200 ml, 650 rubles.) With the crushed nut shells Argan and walnuts make the skin soft and silky.

· Light moisturizing body lotion   (250 ml, 490 rub.) Is instantly absorbed, leaving no sticky feeling, and perfectly moisturizes the skin all day long.

· Gentle Shower Gel   (250 ml, 290 rub.), Does not contain soap, gently cleans and moisturizes the skin.

· Massage Soap   (150 g, 350 rubles.) Improves circulation and helps relieve stress.

· Superpitatelnoe solid oil for body and hair   (50 ml, 550 rub.), Soften and moisturize the driest skin - elbows, knees, feet.

· Nourishing Oil Lip   (20 ml, 450 rubles.) Give the delicate skin of luxury care.

 Collection body care "Wild Argan" from The Body Shop

  The structure of assets include a magnificent argan oil, purchased under the "fair trade" in Morocco - in the heart of the majestic Atlas Mountains.

On sale at the end of August 2014.

Author: Anna Shustrova