Exhibition and sale of "Formula of needlework Moscow. Autumn 2014 "
 From 25 to 28 September 2014 in the "Sokolniki" will be held XII International exhibition and sale of "Formula of needlework Moscow. Autumn 2014 ".

It is the most extensive and diverse event dedicated to the most different kinds of hobby. 500 participating companies - from major manufacturers and distributors to designers and artists - will represent tens of thousands of names of tools and materials for the crafts and finished copyright products. However, it attracts visitors not only a variety of goods and ideas, but also the opportunity to acquire new skills or improve existing skills to pass in a special area of ​​the master classes. The special atmosphere and create a fashion show and a show going on stage, a win-win lotteries, contests and promotions. All this takes place in the two largest pavilions of "Sokolniki», №4 and №4.1, a total area of ​​9000 sq.m!

 Exhibition and sale of "Formula of needlework Moscow. Autumn 2014 "

Exhibition and sale:
• The exhibition and sale of materials and tools for the creation of copyright works and finished at special prices
• Presentation of new products for all kinds of needlework
Special projects:
• Festival of Contemporary felt together with the studio, "casket"
• «Children. School. Creativity "- reveals the children's talents.
• «Popstars crafts! "- Are presenting a joint project with the publishing house" Eksmo "
• «Male handmade» - are engaged in serious kinds of hobby.
• «Delicious handmade» - demonstrate the art of cooking is beautiful!
• «House needlewoman" - look at the manual work in the interior.
• The annual award of the magazine «Formula needlework" - celebrating the best in our industry.

Master classes:
• More than 200 workshops on various kinds of needlework: embroidery, knitting, sewing, felting, patchwork, quilting, decoupage, scrapbooking, etc.
• New trends in fashion and handicrafts.
• Special Presentation shows and master classes.

• «Teacher's Day" - students show off their handmade talents.
• «Formula embroidery" - selects masterpieces embroidered in any technique, according to the schemes of the magazine «Formula needlework."

 Exhibition and sale of "Formula of needlework Moscow. Autumn 2014 "

Charitable actions:
• "Garden of good deeds"

• All show catwalk.
• Special art projects.
• Children's creative playground.
• Daily lottery and the sea gifts.

Location:   Moscow, 3rd Ray passage, 7, park "Sokolniki" Exhibition Center, pavilion №4 and №4.1

Date and time of event:   25-27 September 2014 from 10 am to 19 pm, September 28, 2014 from 10 to 17 hours.

Exhibition and sale of "Formula Needlework" in facts and figures:
• It takes 3 times a year - in spring, autumn and winter.
• The number of guests and visitors to each event - more than 32 000 people, including representatives of the print, electronic and television media, famous people and businessmen, representatives of the Government of Moscow and Moscow Region.
• The number of participants - more than 500 companies, stores, creative workshops, e-commerce, publishing houses, educational centers.
• over 350 000 items and 300 brands of Russian and foreign manufacturers.
• Carrying out both paid and free workshops on various kinds of needlework - more than 200 events.
• More than 3,500 prizes and gifts enacted visitors and guests at each event.

 Exhibition and sale of "Formula of needlework Moscow. Autumn 2014 "

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Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova