New from Nivea: shower gel "effect of the sauna"
 Everyone knows that the sauna brings many benefits to the body: activates circulation, perfectly removes accumulated fatigue. The bath can relieve the load from the shoulders of everyday problems and improve their health. Instantly visible effect after a visit to the bath is particularly noticeable in the improvement of the skin condition. Due to the high temperature the expansion of pores, and the steam and various cosmetic products and procedures contribute to deep cleanse the skin. This detox treatment has beneficial effects on the skin - it is updated, and literally shines health begins to breathe. Intensive exfoliation that occurs during washing after decoupling, makes the skin especially smooth and even.

The rapid pace of modern life with the eternal lack of time does not always give us the opportunity to enjoy the ritual bath. This fall, a new Meet Shower Gel "The effect of the bath" from NIVEA   with cleaning granules and relaxing scent of pine.

Shower gel "effect of the sauna"   specially designed to meet the needs of the Russian women. He will give a deep cleansing of the skin and helps relieve tension.

New allows you to experience the bath without leaving home.

 New from Nivea: shower gel "effect of the sauna"

How it works

Special gel beads combined with water provide intensive and at the same time delicate cleansing and pine fragrance creates a special mood, recalling this fragrant pair Russian bath.


Silky and smooth skin, and to which I want to touch. You feel like a born again.

Estimated price: 110 rubles. (250 ml)

Author: Anna Shustrova