New products Revlon Flex will give a feeling of healthy hair!
 We present our two new products in a series of Revlon Flex. All products Revlon Flex developed in research laboratories in the USA and manufactured in Spain. Shampoos, conditioners and hydrating mask Revlon Flex takes care of hair, giving them the strength, shine and elasticity. Thanks to a special formula improved, all products Revlon Flex allow long to maintain the effect, the hair body healthy inside and protecting them from the outside.

The problem of oily hair coped well Revlon flex oily hair   a plant complex Tiolisina Which balances the sebaceous excretion.

  Revlon Flex Shampoo for oily hair 400ml

 New products Revlon Flex will give a feeling of healthy hair!

It contains plant complex Tiolisina (sulfurized amino acids having seborrheic normalizing effect), which controls the process of sebaceous secretions and eliminates shine. Part of the sage extract has antioxidant properties.

For daily use.

Estimated price: 199 rubles.

Firming Mask for all hair types, 250ml

 New products Revlon Flex will give a feeling of healthy hair!

All masks Revlon Flex are designed to restore the structure of hair, giving them a brightness and healthy glow.

Thanks humectants within the composition, use of a mask is always tender and delicate. Masks Revlon Flex provide a hair treatment, strengthen the hair from the roots to the tips, giving them vitality.

Mask gently cleanses and restores the hair structure. The special formulation of long-acting with ginseng extract, tonic and antioxidants, beneficial effect on the scalp, and is part of the menthol, will give you a feeling of coolness, freshness and provides a soft, gentle care.

Estimated price: 329 rubles.

Buy Revlon Flex means you can now in the shops network "Girlfriend", "South Yard", "Sitimarket", "Parfyumika" and other large chain stores in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian regions.

Author: Anna Shustrova