Recipe contest "hot breakfast - a healthy day!" On Povarё
 We invite you to take part in the competition of recipes for breakfast cereal from the company Mistral. After all, food cereal for the whole day provide human needs in complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber, amino acids and vitamins.

Competition "hot breakfast - a healthy day!"   It gives you the opportunity to compete in cooking recipes for breakfast, with different types of cereal. Recipe need to use products of TM Mistral : Oats, oat flakes (bran, whole grains, extra), oat bran, rice flakes, millet flakes, buckwheat flakes, multigrain cereal (a mixture of 5 cereals, grains 7) Confirm this photo.


- The dish should be cooked breakfast;
- In the recipe to be used ingredient Flakes TM "Mistral"   (sort of - on the user's choice), which must be confirmed in one of the photos of the recipe. Flakes can be both in the old and the new design.

Recipes are accepted 1 to September 28, 2014   (inclusive).

The competition results will be announced: October 6, 2014.

Prizes are provided by Oursson

 Recipe contest "hot breakfast - a healthy day!" On Povarё

1st place - induction cooker Oursson IP3300T / BL

C Induction hob IP3300T trouble of cooking turned into an everyday celebration! After all, this class is preparing plates relatively quickly and does not require our constant presence.

 Recipe contest "hot breakfast - a healthy day!" On Povarё

2nd place - forging cold press juicer JM8002 / RD OURSSON

It enriches successfully quenches thirst, charges vigor and tone for the whole day! Pressovaya juicer JM8002 gets cold pressed juice and mashed vegetables, fruits and berries, as well as chipped nuts, spices, crackers and cookies. The principle of operation of the press juicer is grinding and carefully rubbing the fruit pulp through a three-tier mesh filter. Such a method of grinding and ensures the processing of fruit juice to obtain maximum and minimum amounts of waste.

Who morning starts with fresh, he is wise! Oursson.

 Recipe contest "hot breakfast - a healthy day!" On Povarё

3rd place - microwave with grill MD2560G / BL

Microwave MD2560G designed for 25 liters, even feed your neighbors looked into the guests, sensing the delicious flavor! Diameter 315mm turntable that can be placed in an oven dish of virtually any size. The device is designed for all tastes, a built powerful grill, there is also a mode for a couple with a special steamer «Stemio». With the technique Oursson eat delicious! Now the food preferences of all family members will be satisfied!

The large size of the microwave MD2560G Oursson for a big and happy family!

 Recipe contest "hot breakfast - a healthy day!" On Povarё

4th place - compact mincer MG1310 / GA

Today, to get the stuffing - it is a matter of minutes!

MG1310 - a subject of pride of Oursson! The noise level reaches a maximum working 58 dB! Consider almost nothing !!! The model is very productive - the rate of 60 kg / h, is not afraid of long-term loads and is protected from overheating. The kit includes tips for making sausages and equally flat cutlets, various floats and shredding. All components grinder perfectly placed in the box specially designed for storage of accessories, which means "creative chaos" is no longer threatens cabinets. Mincer MG1310- is a godsend! Now you have a butcher shop at home!

 Recipe contest "hot breakfast - a healthy day!" On Povarё

5th place - Table blender BL0640G / RD

Say chemistry "durilovke" no confidence !!! Forget the store bought sauces, based on the a la "mayonnaise" + colored impurities present ... mayonnaise - it's tasty and healthy! Create your own, now you have to do everything - Blender Oursson BL0640G. It can help you prepare pies, cream soups, purees and mousses, crushed ice, whisk and mix drinks. Rotary switch buttons will select the desired milling program, and set the desired speed from 1 to 7, or choose to rapid mixing. The function makes easy cleaning care device is much more convenient and easier.
Oursson - bring their ideas to life!

 Recipe contest "hot breakfast - a healthy day!" On Povarё

6th place - kettle EK1775MD / GA

Maker Oursson EK1775MD has three modes of operation, the water warms up from 60 to 100 ° C. Can not only be boiled, but also heat water to some, the desired temperature and maintain the necessary two hours. Now you can competently every variety of tea brewing, revealing all its bouquet of flavors and aromas, savoring every mouthful!

 Recipe contest "hot breakfast - a healthy day!" On Povarё

Prizes for active participation: 10 kashevarok - multivarok Oursson MP1010S / RO   and 10 kashevarok - multivarok Oursson MP0707S / RD

The prize is given twenty (20) participants from among those who place the 5 competing recipes and more.

A delicious and, most importantly, a healthy breakfast with kashevarkami multivarka-MP1010 and MP0707 Oursson, even the porridge from the ax - easy!
Easy kashevarka feed tasty porridge entire family. The cooking process has become simpler due to automatic temperature control, and a unique non-stick bowl TEFLON provides ease in cleaning the instrument. Due to heating mode the finished dish is automatically stored hot.

 Recipe contest "hot breakfast - a healthy day!" On Povarё

 Recipe contest "hot breakfast - a healthy day!" On Povarё

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Author: Anna Shustrova