What makes Kate Moss?
 The publication The Telegraph claims that Kate Moss and after 40 years is still the queen of the catwalks and photo shoots. Proof - millions of earnings.

The Telegraph Reporters counted as Kate Moss earns. The most "bread" in the year of her career was the 2013th. In that year the Briton earned 29 million dollars. Thereby refuted the notion that most of the model can earn only a young age.

Even in the 1990s, when she broke into the enchanting world of fashion, her fees are modest. It turns out that the cult shows by Marc Jacobs to Alexander McQueen does not bring the money that the model has on their own projects today.

Now Kate Moss makes a contract with Rimmel London, St Tropez, Rag & Bone, Kerastase, Burberry, produces its own line of clothes for TopShop, mobile phone accessories from Carphone Warehouse. And then there is the cover for the gloss, fashion shows and photo shoots.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina