Cara Delevingne - the new face of advertising Topshop
 British Vogue reports that Cara Delevingne will collaborate with Topshop, and will submit it to the collection of Autumn 2014.

Sami advertising images not yet been approved, but we know that advertising with Kara for Topshop will be more than exhaustive. Her images are used to gloss, outdoor advertising and advertising at point of sale.

Interestingly, when all the time to Kara? - Given the issue Vogue. After all, in addition to his experiments in Instagram, the model is working very hard. Just at the moment it has several prestigious contracts, including advertising for Mulberry, Burberry, Yves Saint Laurent, DKNY. In addition, the famous Briton takes acting lessons and even has managed to star in the title role in his debut short films.

Interestingly, advertising contracts Kara contracts are very similar to her older friend, British top model Kate Moss. Now both starred for Burberry (will advertise a new fragrance My Burberry), Moss also worked with Yves Saint Laurent, but with Topshop Kate befriends a long time, and involved not only in advertising, but also makes the capsule clothing line.

 Cara Delevingne - the new face of advertising Topshop

Author: Julia Gnedina