Rice water: to lose weight, cleanse your skin, restore your hair
 This is one of the most accessible tools in the world - rice water. A performance and a variety of applications, it can only be compared with soda or lemon juice. Meet Asian recipe for beauty, which is now experiencing a new wave of popularity.

Rice cleansing

Rice water contains vitamins, such as B, C, E, and minerals. This structure reduces the pores, softens the skin, highlights. And by the way, a part of the magic skin gives protection from the sun.

Famous Asian recipes   - for you. To cleanse the skin, you will need some white rice and tap water.

1) Clean or one half cup of rice to remove dust and dirt.

2) Place the rice in the enamel bowl, cover with water and leave for 15 minutes. During this time, vitamins and minerals in the water will leak. This will be an effective cleanser for the skin.

3) When will take 15 minutes, drain the water into a clean pot. Figure do not dispose of it can be prepared.

The resulting water is necessary to wash the rice. Apply on the face and is easy to massage for 1 minute. And that's all! Only one application - and you'll notice the softness, tenderness and youth of your skin.

Store rice water should be in a sealed container in the refrigerator for no more than 5 days.

Rice water for hair

Incidentally, the recipe of rice and water is useful for your hair. If the wash or rinse hair with rice water, you get a softness and shine without the use of expensive salon treatments.

 Rice water: to lose weight, cleanse your skin, restore your hair

Rice water for weight loss

If the task is to lose weight, the rice water should be prepared differently. You will need to congee. Just next time you cook the rice, pour a lot more water. The resulting rice water - this is what you need. This is the easiest way of getting congee, although the Asians cook it more cumbersome. Slimming congee should drink at breakfast and throughout the day as a healing tonic which increases the amount of energy.

Asian rice recipe of water for weight loss:

1) Pour 1 cup of rice in 4-7 cups of water.

2) Prepare overnight, leaving a hot plate or for 2-4 hours at low open fire.

3) prepare a broth to drink during the day, we recommend a little salt.

Reduce your calorie intake, you can pretty much replacing one meal a day of rice water. One meal - that's about 650 calories, while a cup of calorie congee - a total of 150 Cullen. This calorie reduction can help is very easy to lose up to 1 kg of weight loss per week.

Fermented rice water

Fermented rice water called a little fermented rice water. The taste beginner wander congee has a slightly sour taste. And according to its nutritional qualities of an order of magnitude richer it is composed of antioxidants, minerals, vitamin E, enzymes.

This composition allows the use of rice water as a healing and anti-aging products for the skin: it heals scars, acne, reduces wrinkles, relieves inflammation and makes the skin radiant.

Wash hair fermented rice water - is also quite ancient Asian recipe. The women from the province of Japan Yao proud of their long and thick hair, even at the age of 80 years. The average length of women's hair Yao - about 1, 8 meters! The secret - in a rice purification hair - according to historians and beauty experts. Rice water is good not only to restore hair, but also to stimulate their growth.

 Rice water: to lose weight, cleanse your skin, restore your hair

For centuries, the women of China, Japan and Southeast Asia use wash and rinse hair fermented rice water. This gives even more shine, softness docile and hair. In addition, fermented rice water moisturizes your hair clean without dryness.

Asian recipe fermented rice water:

Japan Women never throw water after cooking the rice, they collect and use it for their needs. To wash your hair will need more congee than facial and slimming, so Japanese women are usually drained congee rice brews from 2-3. Collect rice water should be as soon as the rice is boiling.

Some Japanese restaurants that cook rice very often, even sell congee bottled his compatriots, knowing the needs of Asian beauties.

After the rice water is collected, begins the fermentation process. Congee should be left for a day at room temperature, then boiled the broth at high heat to stop the fermentation process. Cool and add 2-3 drops of essential oil (suitable tea tree oil, lavender or rosemary). Water for washing hair and skin cleansing is ready! When washing the hair should be within 1 minute scalp massage.

 Rice water: to lose weight, cleanse your skin, restore your hair

If the water was very concentrated (very muddy), it can be diluted with water. Keep fermented rice water should be refrigerated to prevent further unrest.

These simple recipes - and so good: try it!
Author: Vasilisa Cousin