Douches: good habit?
 Tight jet of hot water for morning showers, hot bubble bath and scented at night ... Water! Taking water treatments can cheer up, tone up, and you can relax and relieve fatigue. A douche does not attract you?

Cold water annoys you? Are you afraid of a cold? Oh, come on, it's nice procedure, just takes time to master it, teach it to his body.

• Douches tempers the body, causes the immune system on high performance. It is an effective means for coping with stress and depression. Especially when combined with meditation and self-hypnosis.

• Contrast shower - a pleasant and effective exercises for the muscles and skin of the body. Excellent way to fight cellulite, as our forces to work on cell improvement in lipid metabolism.

• Finally, douches just brings great fun and filled with energy and youth.

What is a douche?

This water treatment that is available to anyone with a bathroom and a crane with hot and cold water. We start with a warm, comfortable temperature of 37-38 degrees. A couple of minutes with a nice body to the flow of water to prepare the body contrasts.

The first stage - is hot. The temperature rises to 42-43 degrees. Water should not be burn, but it should be noticeably hot. A few minutes later, we disable the hot water and stay under the cold water of 15-20 degrees, enough to start 27 to 30 degrees.

 Douches: good habit?
   A sharp change in temperature causes to contract our muscles, pores of the skin and nerve receptors. Two or three minutes and again we are adding hot water. Again reaches 42-43 degrees. Cells were expanded, there is relaxation muscle and skin. The body warms up, steams, and a couple of minutes - again the shock wave of cold. Immolation, exciting, sharp, unexpected in the first few seconds, and activating energy in the next couple of minutes.

Ideally, the temperature difference of contrasting water flows should be thirty degrees, the duration of each phase of up to ten minutes. But this is an extreme option. Even if we are to experience the contrast in the 10-15 degrees and at least one minute, we will intensify our body.

After a shower, you need to rub oneself with a towel, wrap yourself in a cozy robe and favorite drink cup of fragrant tea. Ten minutes later you're ready for the accomplishment of any deeds, because my eyes are burning, soul singing, arms and legs crave movement.

Harness douches should gradually. Taking a shower or bath, to pour yourself with cool water. How do you? Fine? Then try the next lower temperature. After a week try a couple of alternations of hot and cold stages. Feeling the pleasure of these manipulations, gradually lengthen periods and increase the temperature range of a contrast shower.

Indispensable condition - should start with the hot temperatures and cold contrast. Procedures required to complete the adoption of cold water.

A couple of months you will appreciate the benefit of a contrast shower. Certainly you feel like strengthened body, freshened skin, and you can forget about the threat of colds and flu. Contrast showers will give you a good mood, health and beauty!
Author: Tamara Rozinsky