Honey for Beauty
 From honey I have a complex relationship with the child. In general, I like the taste, but eat it in quantities that nursed my mother was absolutely impossible. Besides, I do not like his cloying, sweet smell. But Honey has a number of specific properties that can not only cure the common cold, but also to help us in skin care.

Honey has antiseptic properties unique . If you get injured or burnt in the sun, take a warm bath, putting there 2-3 tablespoons of honey - and your skin will get better. Also add in the bath a bit of ground oatmeal to soothe irritated skin.

Honey softens thick skin and kills bacteria Creating an unpleasant smell, so it is indispensable for foot masks. Heat about one-third cup honey in the microwave, and then smear their feet. Sit down with a mask around 15 minutes, until honey is not cool down. Rinse with water.

Honey is a good way suddenly appeared on the pimples . Keep this in mind when you do not have at hand special tools or if you just do not want to use a different "chemistry."

Honey has emollient properties . Its very good use to soften the hair on the legs or underarms before epilation or shaving. Apply a honey massage movements on the dates of areas, wait a few minutes - then rinse with water and start to shave. This will not only easy remove hair, but also softens the skin and prevent irritation.

Speaking of honey, not to mention allergies. Many people believe that they are allergic to honey, but doctors say that allergy to honey itself - the phenomenon is extremely rare. However, honey is known to be made from the pollen of flowers, but she is quite a strong allergen. But most people who suffer from hay fever, an allergy is manifested by no means all colors. So honey can be pick one that will not cause an allergic reaction, because it has many varieties: buckwheat, lime, clover, meadow, forest ... Sometimes even the honey from the pollen of flowers, and other substances, such as juice plants - it is called honeydew.
Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina