For the first time on the fresh-water sponge (or badyagi) I read a long time ago, yet in some Soviet journal. And I was wondering, what is it ...

In fact bodyaga common - Spongilla lacustris L   - Freshwater sponge in the family of filamentous, which is mined in the rivers and lakes. It is a fixed plant, sponges are interconnected and at first glance look like ordinary land plants.

Sponges grow on stones, piles, snags ...


Fished from the water and dried bodyaga looks light, porous, coarse sponge. It is easily pounded his fingers, forming a gray-yellow or greenish powder.

In folk medicine and cosmetology bodyagi used long ago, catching at a shallow depth in streams, lakes, ponds, rivers. Bodyagi extracted dried in a cool dry place so that it did not fall on the sun.

Now, however, it is not necessary to go to the pond and turn into a catcher concoctions, because bodyaga put up for sale in a drugstore.


Bodyagi helps with chronic rheumatism, arthritis, polyarthritis, gout, sciatica, neuralgia.

2 teaspoons of powder concoctions mixed with 2 tbsp. tablespoons vegetable oil, stirred, rubbed into the affected area, with the appearance of redness, wash off with fresh-water sponge, wrapped with a sore spot with a cotton cloth, then wool.


Masks of concoctions   It has a rejuvenating effect and is widely used in cosmetology.

The official masks from cosmetic concoctions treat acne and use them for the resolution of bruising, bruising. Bodyagi dries pustules, causing peeling of the skin. It eliminates dark spots and acne marks.


The home of cosmetology concoctions also treat acne, get rid of age spots and freckles.

The powder concoctions poured into porcelain, ceramic or enamel bowl and add as much hydrogen peroxide that, during mixing turned consistency of thick cream. Give a little stand for a few minutes, the mass began to lighten and foam.

The weight applied to the face with a cotton swab in a circular motion, vigorously rubbing the problem areas and then applied to the skin one more layer and leave to dry for 20-30 minutes. Wash with hot water, but not boiling water! Face wiped and powdered with rice flour or talc.


The mask should not be imposed on the eyelids, under the eyes, on the lips. Ensure that it does not hit the nasal mucosa. Silica contained in concoctions may cause serious irritation.

To get rid of traces of acne, the mask is applied hot, put a layer on top of the compressor m paper towel.

After removing the mask, facial skin becomes red, feels hot, this is due to a sharp rush of blood. Most often, when after touching the mask to the face, there is a painful Showing. Redness can hold 1-2 days. Therefore, the mask of concoctions made in 3-4 days.


Masks of concoctions can not be used for dry skin and vasodilation!

More some masks:


1 teaspoon of powder concoctions mixed with 2 teaspoons of sour milk. Apply on face. Rinse with warm water after 20 minutes. Apply a rich cream.

The course of 15 masks made at intervals after 1 day for oily skin, two in the dry.

For aging skin

1 tbsp. a spoonful of powder concoctions mixed with 1 tbsp. spoon fresh yeast, and dilute to the consistency of sour cream with fresh double cream. Apply on your face for half an hour. Rinse with warm water, wash cold.


For bleaching and giving skin dullness

1 teaspoon concoctions mixed with 1 tbsp. Spoon the cream and add the rice flour to obtain a creamy mass. Apply on your face for half an hour.

Rinse with warm water and wipe the face with ice.

For oily seborrhea

1 teaspoon of powder concoctions to fill, slowly and stirring, a solution of boric acid to the consistency of sour cream. Stir, heat in a water bath and rub the hair roots.

Wash off after 20-30 minutes. Makes 1 every 5 days. Course - 8 masks.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva