Fermented River Beauty
 The benefits of milk and products derived from it, we all know from childhood. However, the utility of milk for adults at times contested, but, nevertheless, for many it remains a popular, accessible and favorite foods. Well, women in ancient times guessed to use the milk for cosmetic purposes, - baths, masks, washing ...

Not inferior to the usefulness of milk and dairy products - yogurt, yogurt, fermented baked milk, yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese and other. What they have in common and how they differ from each other? What to prefer - traditional kefir or some fashionable advertised mean drinking yogurt? Which product will bring more good health and will be beneficial for appearance?

 Fermented River Beauty

I have to say, all the classic (without flavors, thickeners, etc. podsladiteley . P . ) Milk drinks have high dietary properties .  They are easily absorbed by the human body, improve digestion and regulate intestinal microflora, and hence have a positive effect on the skin, hair and nails .  In addition, a healthy gut - secured a slim figure and thin waist .  All these products are manufactured from milk or cream by fermentation, and they differ mainly leaven .  Different types of lactic acid bacteria used in the fermentation of yeast to the milk, give different results; In addition, in some cases added to ferment milk and different types of yeast .  In principle, all milk products have similar chemical composition - calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin B, are present in kefir, and yogurt and sour milk .  Plus more amino acids, milk sugar, lactose, and (or) Bifidobacteria .  But the differences between them are still there ...

Kefir - a classic of the genre

  Sour, slightly spicy taste of yogurt sign, perhaps, everything. But not everyone knows that once Kefir fungus is a huge value, the secret of making yogurt is strictly kept the Caucasian mountaineers, and only thanks to the romantic story of the kidnapping, the court and the ransom, kefir starter got the same in Russia. Like other dairy products, yogurt is obtained by fermentation. However, if other products from sour milk belongs only to lactic fermentation, the kefir starter (or as it is called, Kefir fungus) contains lactic acid bacteria (streptococci and rods), acetic acid bacteria and yeast - that's why at the same time it is, and lactic acid and alcoholic fermentation .

Part kefir grains   contains up to 22 kinds of microorganisms, the main of which are recognized lactic streptococci, including flavoring species, lactic acid bacillus, and yeast.

 Fermented River Beauty

But bifidobacteria in yogurt is not present, but artificially introduced into a product called "biokefir", which in itself is not bad, bad thing is that often some "Biokefir" no yeast, and such products are actually to Kefir   not relevant. They could be called - fermented organic products, but not yogurt.

The second most popular fermented milk drink - Yogurt . And with them also not so easy ...

Lactobacillus bulgaricus and healthy complexion

In recent years, the popularity of yoghurt (largely imposed advertising) straight rolls. Doctors recommend drinking yoghurt those with impaired intestinal microflora, for whatever reason, nutritionists offer low-calorie yogurt wishing to lose weight, and dermatologists say that in terms of the value of its active ingredients, this product has an absolute cosmetic value.

In principle, all this is true, at least with respect to the classical Bulgarian yoghurt manufactured by fermenting milk with a mixture of pure cultures of Lactobacillus bulgaricus (Bulgarian bacillus) and Streptococcus thermophilus (Streptococcus thermophilus). Tolkot note - this Bulgarian yoghurt contains no additives in the form of sugar, thickening agents, flavoring agents and other fillers. And it really is useful, however, as well as yogurt, fermented baked milk, yogurt ...

 Fermented River Beauty

Well, the yogurt, which offers us the industry, with rare exceptions, a delicious dessert, the benefit of which is small.

Prepare a real "live" yogurt at home is a snap, all that we need - milk + + yogurt bacteria (or thermos). Buy starter for yogurt in the Internet age is not a problem, but the technology itself is simple enough. The pasteurized milk is warm (37- 40 ° C) to make the right amount of sourdough and put in a warm place for fermentation. After 8-10 hours of fermentation (fermentation) prepared medicinal product that can be consumed and inward and spread to the face and the mask for the hair do.

Another product that is extremely useful for health and beauty, which is suitable for home cooking - milk serum .

Whey - the elixir of youth and health

Ordinary whey, - product formed during the manufacture of fermented milk curd, with regular use, will help us to normalize digestion, lose weight, boost immunity, treat rheumatism, rejuvenate and refresh the skin.

No wonder - the greenish-yellow liquid, slightly sour taste, contains almost half the nutrients of milk. Here and mineral salts, vitamins, and lactose and milk proteins. The almost complete absence of fat in it and the availability of easily digestible protein has a beneficial effect on the entire gastrointestinal tract and makes whey product, ideal for weight loss, of fasting days.

 Fermented River Beauty

Technology manufacturing serum cook yourself at home:

*   Sour milk (yogurt), heat over low heat, without boiling, and leave it on the stove to cool down completely.

*   Strain liquid through several layers of cheesecloth. Marley you will have cheese, and pan - healing serum for your health.

And, in addition, whey - a universal cosmetic. On the basis of whey and other dairy products can be prepared in a variety of facials, hair nourishing mixture, restorative bath for nails.

Sour milk cosmetics

All milk products - yogurt, yogurt, whey, yogurt and other - good clean, nourish and whiten skin, beneficial effect on hair.

 Fermented River Beauty

Pay attention to the following recipes:

Soothing Mask serum (curdled milk) and cheese

  To prepare the mask is well pound 3 tablespoons. spoons of product with 1 tbsp. Spoon cottage cheese. Apply the homogeneous mass to cleansed face, and after 15 minutes rinse with warm water. This mask cleanses the skin, giving it a fresh and nice even color.

Normalizing and toning mask for all skin types

Half a tablespoon of ground coffee mix with 2 tbsp. l. whey and apply on face for 15 minutes, rinse with warm water.

Cleansing Cream on the basis of yogurt

Spread 1 egg yolk, add the small portions of 100 ml of yogurt, while continuing to stir, pour into a mixture of 50 ml of vodka and the juice of half a lemon. Use cream for dry skin cleansing.

Porous skin mask

Egg whites whisk, combine with a teaspoon of flour and 2 tbsp. l. whey. Mix thoroughly, the resulting mass apply on face. After 15 minutes, rinse with warm water. The mask cleanses, smoothes and dries the skin, tightens pores.

Shampoo whey

  Mix equal proportions of serum and broth burdock root. This composition wash your hair 1-2 times a week by rinsing with warm water. The hair will become smooth, silky.

One can make hair masks using only the serum (or yogurt) with no additional ingredients. Simply drench her hair and hold for 20-30 minutes, then rinse with warm water using shampoo. You can add serum components such as oats, rye bread, coffee grounds, etc.

Mask based on yoghurt with yeast for oily skin

 Fermented River Beauty

Mix 1 tablespoon fresh yeast and yogurt until smooth. Apply the mask on the skin and after 15-20 minutes rinse with warm boiled water. Rinse your face with cold water. This mask deeply cleanses pores of the skin due to the presence of yeast and yogurt nourishes, softening and refreshing effect.

The benefits of dairy products can not be overestimated, but it is important that their use does not involve a one-off and sporadic (diet) character. Nutritionists believe that the only constant presence of these medicinal products in the menu will have a significant advantage. A glass of whey in the morning on an empty stomach, a cup of yogurt and an hour before bedtime - and you forget about the many health problems pohorosheet and look younger!

Well, beauticians recommend not to forget the excellent cosmetic properties of dairy products!
Author: Olga Travleeva