Not all old wives equally useful tips
 We often marvel at the beauty secrets that have come to us through the centuries. They are natural and simple - what is needed in our skin and hair! I also love the available recipes for the beauty of milk, honey and olive oil. So, in search of themselves, I came across a book about beauty, issued in the 19th century. And then another one, the early 20th century. Fiction is not for the faint of heart!

The encyclopedia Bakrama Burrows few chapters devoted to the secrets of female beauty, the release date of the book - in 1889. Other title interested me - a book in 1910 by Dr. Thomas Ritter Jefferson in which he collected "thousands more tried and tested means of mothers United States and Canada." In some central administrations and want to put the icon: "Burn After Reading." Yes, that no one had not occurred to follow such advice.

Wash often, ladies! At least once a week!

Bakri Burrows authoritatively states that every woman should be washed as often as possible. I immediately thought of the morning and evening baths. But no. "At least once a week," - he writes. Yes, much has changed since the 19th century. And still advises those who want to bathe more often, wet sponge to wipe the body three times a week.

If the council about the frequency of cleaning can be attributed to the cost of technologies still water and sewage systems were not at all. That advice about what to wash - makes flinch. What do you think, what could be better soap for the face? Ammonia! Burroughs advises wipe the skin with aqueous ammonia, it cleans pores and whiten skin.

The eyes must shine! - I thought then, and now is considered. Only then instead Vizin consulted this way: wash them with abundant lather. And if it does not work, and the view is still dormant - whiskey and cologne in equal amounts, to moisten the sugar cube and eat. I have no doubt that the woman apparently "poveseleet" and eyes "come out of their sockets."

 Not all old wives equally useful tips

Do not wash your hair!

Again, read the encyclopedia from Burrows. "Do not wash your hair! "- That's the secret of luxuriant hair. I can not believe, but in the 19th century it was thought that water - is harmful for hair. Clean well advised to: a day rub the hair with a towel, removing dust. In addition, you need lots and lots of hair comb, up to 30 minutes a day.

When hair loss book by Dr. Ritter recommends two different recipes: one is likely to help, the other - to put it mildly, will bring to the grave. First. Make a tea of ​​sage, mixed with equal amounts of whiskey, and add a henna rinse the scalp at least 2 times a day. The second (attention, as they say in advertising, "do not try"). Rub into the scalp a mixture of almond oil, rosemary extract, wine, distilled water and mercury (!). As long as your hair does not grow back. Or unexplained death will come sooner, I add.

Again poisons

By the way, the mercury was really honored and doctors, and cosmeticians (though earlier this profession does not have any). For example, in the book Burrows was found a simple recipe for shine eye - Mercury + fat. I hope those days girls did abstain from such advice. Although it is known that mercury was in many homes, it got rid of the lice. When using kerosene for this.

Ammonia also welcomed. For example, how do you such a remedy against the common cold: breathe in through the nose a mixture of ammonia, iodine and carbolic acid? Inhale had as often as possible. Or ointment for sore throat with ammonia: olive oil (half a pint) mixed with ammonia (half a pint), add turpentine (half a pint) and 1 egg. Shake until an emulsion is formed. Apply to the neck and throat until you go blisters. Then wipe and apply cold cream.

Other "effective" thing - cocaine. Cotton swab soaked in a solution of cocaine, it is necessary to stick to the nostrils, and it had to get rid of a cold. Cocaine pills recommended to suck before eating, and it cures colds. Or do ointment for throat cocaine mixed with warm water and a little olive oil. If such prescriptions will be replicated today, probably wanting to legalize drugs will be more.

But then soft drugs have been used in beauty. Recommended for asthmatics to breathe cigarette smoke containing dope.

 Not all old wives equally useful tips

The face and hands is better not to wash

Despite the advice to wash more often, once a week to the face and hands - other recommendations. Do not wash them at all. Face better wipe ointment with glycerin deposited on dry flannel or cotton cloth or leather. I do not know about that, so as not to wash your face, but cleaning with a cloth - good gentle exfoliation, combined with the oil purification process of the skin. With this debate, perhaps I will not.

Hands girls of the 19th century seem to have been as a porcelain face. Because any redness considered a flaw. For this and advised the ladies do not wash their hands with water and clean them in the same way as a person: a flannel cloth and glycerin. While bathing had to wear gloves. Burrows in his Encyclopedia admits that the arms can be dipped into the water only once a month! Apparently, the dishes are never washed.


It looks like a way to attract suitors. Probably a lot of romantic and erotic stories born in the literature of the time thanks to these habits of refined ladies. It was decided to take a sun bath at the open window, and the woman is completely naked. Solar bath lasted at least an hour.

However, we know that tanning was not held in high esteem among aristocrats. What to do? The Board found in the book of Dr. Ritter. Mix equal parts of corn starch and oat flour, then add lead carbonate. Powder composition of this skin. On what would be pale from a lethal dose of lead or starch - not specified. But there is a suspicion that the lead will not give the skin a healthy look.

Dry skin - not a problem

This recipe is difficult to question as to try it somehow did not raise his hand. Council is this: wrap in flannel and cream at night buried in the ground. In the morning scoop and apply this "enriched" the cream on dry skin of hands, feet and face.

Poor cilia!

This is now the cosmetics companies are concerned about how we attract to novelties, promising "infinitely long lashes." And then, apparently, I give the eyelashes grow as hair. Because how else to explain a little advice every day to trim unruly lashes small sharp scissors?

 Not all old wives equally useful tips

But sponge like Angelina Jolie

As soon as possible every girl should start working on the shape of the lips. Too thin lips is corrected by exercise "absorption", it provides a continuous growth of the lips, as the blood flows to the lips.

And try not to be alone!

This advice is very much. So simple: "A woman in a marriage looks better than the lonely." If you are one - you no ammonia will not be beautiful. That is how! I do not think feminists would argue with this "eternal" advice.

Books to read up. The question remains: Are our granddaughter will also find the same beauty secrets of our time and laugh, and maybe warn: "Do not try to repeat, it is dangerous for life! ".
Author: Julia Shestakova