Peach Garden
 The artist - who creates excellent
Oscar Wilde

Many poetic images glorifying the beauty of a woman's face, turning to peach, as there is no one standard. The golden-pink, with a velvety skin, peach represents naturalness, beauty and tenderness. Whatever the current fashion - and, as it turned out, the complexion - a kind of trend, and includes a Victorian aristocratic pallor and healthy chocolate Mediterranean tan, beauty of the skin should be flawless.

Any woman - artist by nature, and her face, in this case - a canvas on which every day it creates a masterpiece. And the style that she chooses for himself - a vamp or natural - in any event includes a mandatory smooth, matte complexion. Correctly chosen foundation should not strike the eye, and contrast with the skin of the neck. Face Tone - a good tone in style.

I remembered a reason peaches at the beginning of our journey today. Peaches - a symbol of summer, which is why I'm holding in my hands instead of a compass matting foundation for combination to oily skin Double Stay Mineral Makeup from LUMENE . color №4 «peach-beige" .

 Peach Garden

As the owner of the very type of skin which is in need of matting, especially on hot days, I usually chose as an assistant in this difficult matter matting wipes and powder. But, as a test, and the experimenter in our cosmetic voyage, I decided to take a risk and the hottest day out of the house with him. With the foundation.

First I tested the cream on the crook of his arm, to make sure that the shade is right for me.

On tactile sensations cream is very easy, and this is due to the fact that it contains no oil - it includes the Arctic amethyst, improves the complexion. The cream is easily applied on the skin is not felt, and the person actually gets a nice smooth tone. I apply the cream fingers as advised by professionals that contribute to a more equitable distribution, and my fingers just any discomfort, usually accompanied by foundation, not experienced.

The cream contains 67% natural ingredients, allowing the skin to breathe, as well as tightens pores. The cream is stable, it's true - after a three-hour walk in the hot sun, he did not try to leave me, or hide in some facial wrinkles, no, he remained faithful to me, and his own, to the manufacturer, properties.

Do not use powder became, too afraid to "burden the" skin, but by the evening the face remained quite dull. I note in a special way is a sense of ease, because my fears about the use of tonal creams in the summer did not materialize. Perhaps we will go together with a cream on a romantic date, which I have to be held soon - and in this journey, he did not fail, I'm sure!
Author: Sincerely, Marina K.